Your Interest & Your Involvement

Your faith. It’s uniquely yours, and you likely recall pivotal moments during your spiritual journey, including your first renewal weekend with Christ Renews His Parish.

Your experience. Tending your relationship with Christ is a daily activity. Through Him, you enjoy better relationships with your loved ones and your neighbors. 

Your Brothers and Sisters. Twenty-two parishes and over 5,000 individuals have received the gift of a Christ Renews weekend in our community. For all you invest in your faith – and daily receive from it – there are at least 100,000 others in our Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, St. Joseph Dioceses that have yet to receive the gift of a Christ Renews His Parish weekend. 

Your gift to others. A network of Anonymous Angels has formed to provide funding through Second Wind Ministries to assist local parish initiatives like Christ Renews. Because Christ Renews His Parish has already engaged hundreds of volunteers and a handful of corporate partners to underwrite staffing as well as volunteer coordination and recognition, 100% of Angel gifts support local programs as designated by each Angel.

An Angel is an individual that makes a personally meaningful stretch financial contribution to Second Wind on an ongoing basis. Some Angels contribute monthly; others quarterly; and still others annually or over a period of years. Some Angels provide a gift that includes a single zero. Others Angels have been very blessed, and their ongoing contribution contains several zeros. 

All Angels give from their heart to share their renewal and connective experiences with others.

We invite you to join us with your own Angel gift to Second Wind today.